Technical specifications

Our experience of over 60 years in the field of removals and international transportation has taught us the right way to tackle the transport of various objects, from the heaviest and most bulky to the most fragile and precious. We thus put various types of packaging materials at the disposal of our customers, designed to meet the requirements for each type of delivery or removal in the best possible way. These materials can also be purchased by anyone who does not intend to call on our services.

Europallet 120x80x13 cm:
Wooden pallet or platform for deliveries by sea/land. It is used as the base on which to position the goods for delivery. It makes the handling easier and quicker.

Ecopallet 120x80x13 cm:
Wooden pallet or platform in environmentally friendly cardboard used both for air and land/sea transport. It is used as the base on which to position the goods for transport. It makes the handling easier and quicker. It is used for all deliveries that have to meet particular requirements such as the ISPM15-FAO standards (the law on wood fumigation to avoid harm to the environment) since packaging in wood has been a channel for the introduction and spread of harmful organisms. It has therefore become necessary to reduce the risk of possible infestations through the introduction of certain measures relating to plant protection, in order to avoid possible economic and environmental effects on the world's forests. The measures of plant protection are:

  • ban on imports (guarantees maximum pest control security, but would involve the blocking of world trade);
  • introduction of phytosanitary requirements (pest free areas);
  • requirement of a phytosanitary certificate (document issued by NPPOs);
  • inspection on entry (with considerable call on resources for inspections);
  • treatment prior to dispatch ( this is the phytosanitary measure identified by the IPPC which is the basis for the ISPM-15 international standard. This standard requires that untreated wooden packaging must undergo heat treatment or methyl bromide fumigation and must then be certified with the IPPC/FAO stamp. This stamp must be checked through a certification system of companies in the wood packaging and treatment chain. The use of ecopellets simplifies dispatch management and lowers the cost);

Fragile Box 47x33x39 cm:
The name indicates the purpose for which the box is intended, i.e. to contain fragile objects of all kinds.

Disk Box 33x33x35 cm:
Box originally designed to hold albums, but also CDs, DVDs and videocassettes, cassettes and small objects.

Book Box 50x30x30 cm:
Box designed to hold books, magazines and newspapers and such other materials.

Barrel box 47x47x80 cm:
Box designed to hold bulky but relatively light objects such as all the hard and soft toys that fill children's rooms;

Linen Box 80x55x30 cm:
Box similar in shape to suitcases. Used to hold linen and similar articles;

Wardrobe Box 50x45x119 cm:
Box modeled on and resembling a wardrobe and serving the same purpose. Designed to carry items of clothing on the hangers with which it is fitted. Shoes or wardrobe accessories can be put at the bottom;

File Box 37x30x90 cm:
Box designed for removals of the archives of large companies, Ministries, and professional offices. The boxes contain on average 8/10 files according to size, and they speed up both the packing at the point of origin and the sorting at the destination;

Office Box 45x35x30 cm:
Box designed to contain documents or 5 files. Practical and compact, it means that the documents contained can easily be moved;

IATA Box 80x120x100 cm:
Box built with particularly solid material. It is used to contain other boxes for air or sea deliveries. Much more versatile than the obsolete wooden cases since the particular solidity both protects the contents and reduces the weight, which makes for easy handling and means it does not have to meet the ISPM15-FAO standards (law on wood fumigation to avoid harm to the environment);

Cardboard Sheet 200x200 cm:
Cardboard used to pack all objects with irregular shapes and/or requiring special handmade packaging.

IATA Cardboard Sheet 200x200 cm:
Particularly strong card used to pack all objects with iregular shapes and/or requiring special handmade packaging;

Anti-shock material, ideal for protecting the most fragile products such as pictures, panes of glass, mirrors and normal furniture;

Bubblewrap with paper:
Antishock material, ideal for protecting particularly delicate but at the same time heavy or sharp-edged products, such as pictures with decorated frames, antiquarian objects, works of art, antique furniture.